Obama’s Focus on Value of Higher Education

Obama administration looks to Post-Secondary Schools to Emphasize Value

It is the American Dream to go to college & graduate with opportunities for prosperity & success, but the reality of post-college debt is outweighing these values for students considerably.

Here’s the American reality:

  • The federal government allocates $140 billion annually into federal grants & loans
  • On average, students with loans graduate with more than $25,000 in debt
  • About 40% of students attending 4-year schools do not graduate
  • Only 40% of students attending 2-year schools graduate or transfer

Consequently, unemployment rates remain high & there are projected shortages of highly trained workers in many industries. In the last decade, literacy among college students has declined according to a commission convened during the George W. Bush administration that said American higher ed. has become “increasingly risk-averse, at times self-satisfied, & unduly expensive.”

Everyone Pays the Price

The price of college dropouts is not only costly for the individual but for taxpayers as well. About 1/5 of full-time students who enroll at a community college do not return for a second year, costing hundreds of millions of dollars annually in taxes.

The cost of higher ed. challenges the expense of success among college graduates. President Obama weighed in with a strong “yes” for post-secondary schools to be more transparent about both.

For additional statistics & information visit:

By: Mel Bishop


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