Using Audacity

Audacity is a free and user-friendly audio editor for recording, slicing and mixing audio.

I have some familiarity with editing audio for previous classes but not with using Audacity. To get an understanding of the software, I worked through Professor Mindy McAdams’ Audacity Basics tutorial.

McAdam’s tutorial was extremely easy to follow and I recommend her tutorial if you are interested in learning to use Audacity. McAdam’s reveals, Audacity’s commands are very similar to those in Microsoft Word, and the buttons are exactly like the ones you would find on a VCR or tape recorder.

I was surprised to see how easy Audacity is to use. If you know how to cut, copy and paste on Microsoft Word, you will certainly know how to cut (slice), copy and paste (mix) audio.

Editing audio may be an important tool in my future endeavors. With this knowledge, I will be able to gather several audio clips and edit them into podcasts, online news stories, multimedia slide shows, and other presentations as a means to better capture the attention and communicate to listeners/users.

-Mel Bishop


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